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KYK Corporation Lid. was established in 1952 by the Yamamoto Family. With 65 Years of heritage, | am proud to say that KYK Brand has grown into one of the leading manufacturers of bearings in the World. We are committed to HQ Kaizen, and continuously focus to improve our Product Quality and Systems. Today, KYK Bearings are supplied to more than 50 Countries including; - USA, Japan, Canada, Europe, India, China, Taiwan, Korea, Middle East, Far-East Asia and Africa. Quality is the watchword for every phase of KYK Activity. The Production Techniques and Plant Facilities are constantly modernized to keep up with latest technological developments out of Japan. The KYK Bearing Range has grown to over 3000 products, information pertaining to the expanding assortment and technical parameters can be found on our website; For further assistance, please feel free to contact KYK Headquarters, Regional Offices or our Distributors in the respective countries.